Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you charge for second or further rounds of re-editing?
    If you have made changes to your paper after our editing, we can help identify the revisions through the compare feature in Word and provide a quote to re-edit the changed parts only. Please contact our client support team at for assistance and enquiry.
  • I just received feedback for my paper which was previously edited by your company. Can you edit my paper again?
    If the paper is rejected on English language grounds alone and you did not revise our paper after our editing before submitting, we are happy to provide a re-edit free of charge. However, in the vast majority of cases content also needs revising. In such cases you may need to rewrite some parts of your paper and we can then provide a separate quote to re-edit your revisions only. Please contact our client support team at for further assistance.
  • Are you able to edit my responses to reviewer comments?
    Yes, you can just send us your responses to reviewer comments and we will provide you with a quote
  • If my paper is rejected by a journal will you re-edit for free?
    We guarantee that if a manuscript remains unaltered after our editing but it is rejected by a journal on English language grounds alone, we will provide a re-edit free of charge. However, if your paper is rejected for more than just English language issues, you may consider modifying your paper based on the reviewer comments and then sending it back to us for a new quote to work on the revised parts only. Please contact our client support team at for further assistance.
  • What type of documents do you edit?

    We edit all kinds of academic documents from all subject fields including journal papers, research grant proposals and theses and dissertations for masters and PhD students. In addition, we also edit university promotional and administrative documents such as annual reports, programme brochures, newsletters and website copy.

  • How do your editors help improve my paper? Which areas do they check?

    Our editors use their expertise to help improve your paper in these major areas:

    1. Usage & grammar
    We ensure your writing complies with the general usage and grammar conventions of your field.

    2. Spelling & punctuation

    We check your paper for correct spelling and appropriate punctuation to clarify your meaning.

    3. Standardisation of terms

    We check for consistent use of key subject-specific terminologies throughout your paper.

    4. Writing style

    We help you improve the way you combine usage, sentence elements and sentence groups in your paper.

    5. Fluency

    We enhance the way you link associated data, findings and ideas.

    6. Structure

    We also refine the overall organisation of paragraphs and sections, when necessary.

  • Can you guarantee the confidentiality of my document?
    We guarantee the absolute confidentiality of your document to protect your intellectual property, copyright and privacy. We can supply a confidentiality agreement if requested, and we are also happy to sign your own documentation to provide peace of mind. Please communicate with our client support team at
  • Do you have any references for the successful publications of papers edited by your company?
    Yes, many! You can visit our Publication Successes page to get an idea of just some of the success stories in which we are proud to have played a small part.
  • How do I keep abreast of your company’s news, free resources and exclusive discount offers?
    We share news, free academic writing resources and special offers in a number of digital channels.


    You can sign up to our mailing list to receive our e-newsletter, Digital Impact, on a bi-monthly basis. We respect your privacy and will never share your email address with anyone else.  WeChat: We regularly share news, free resources and special offers on our WeChat public account. You can also use the online customer service function to inquire about your quotes and orders. Scan this QR code to join us on WeChat. Social media: You can also follow us on any of the social media platforms listed below to keep yourself abreast of latest news and updates, free resources and exclusive offers.
  • What should I do if I think some parts of the translation are not perfectly accurate?
    Despite translators’ best efforts, the original text can sometimes be misinterpreted due to various issues, most likely due to the original text being unclear, ambiguous, or open to interpretation. It is also possible that the translator made an honest mistake. To clarify such issues, please mark out (e.g., with highlights and/or comments) the sentences you are not satisfied with and/or clarify the original meaning. Our translators will be more than happy to review your comments and re-check the translation.


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