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Your success in gaining research funding depends on the ability to clearly articulate a complex proposal, which is precisely where our expertise is invaluable.

When editing a research grant proposal, we pay particular attention to how the background, proposed methodology and explanation of logistics are framed by an abstract, list of objectives and description of long-term impacts that clearly and logically emphasise the potential significance of the research. A subject specialist first works on aspects of the writing conventional to your field, and a language specialist then ensures that the result is readable by a broad range of possible reviewers.

Editing Scope

We edit papers from all fields, with the quality of our work having earned us respect across academia. Our editing improves documents in a number of areas:

Usage and Grammar
Complying with general usage and grammar conventions
Spelling & Punctuation
Ensuring correct spelling and appropriate punctuation to clarify your meaning
Standardisation of Terms
Checking for consistent use of key terminology

Writing Style
Improving the ways you combine usage, sentence elements and sentence groups
Enhancing the ways you link associated data, findings and ideas
Refining the overall organisation of paragraphs and sections, where necessary

File Types

We can edit in all file types, including Word, LaTex and PDF. However, editing is much more efficient if we can use a Word or LaTex file. This allows us to edit electronically, rather than by hand. If we work with a PDF, then we must print the document and hand write the edits, making it much more difficult for you to incorporate the changes.

If you have the LaTex (.tex) file, we can open that in Word and edit it using the “Track Changes” function. We will be careful not to touch any of the LaTex code, meaning that you can copy the finalised document back into your LaTex editor.

Of course, if you would prefer not to send the Word or LaTex file, we can work on the printed PDF instead.

Loyalty Schemes & Discounts

Check out our discount schemes below. We are also open to discussing discounts based on contracted volumes or sole editor arrangements for departments, faculties, research centres and administrative units.

Loyalty Coupons & Referral

Loyalty coupon
A 5% discount loyalty coupon valid for 3 months is issued with each invoice.
Refer and earn a 10% discount off your next job with us.

Word Volume Discounts

30,001 – 60,000 words – 5% off
60,001 – 100,000 words – 10% off
100,001 or more words – 15% off

Post-grad Theses & Dissertations

Part-time Students
0 – 30,000 words – 5% off
30,001 – 60,000 words – 10% off
60,001 – 100,000 words – 15% off
100,001 or more words – 20% off
Full-time Students
0 – 30,000 words – 10% off
30,001 – 60,000 words – 15% off
60,001 or more words – 20% off

Why choose Asia Edit?

Local, real-time support answering queries, providing quotes and scheduling work 7 days a week.
A worldwide network of subject specialists adds maximum impact to your document.

Secure and simple workflow; payment in arrears through university grants accepted.