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Subject Area Journal Published Paper Author From Publication Date
Business Annals of Tourism Research The effect of distance on tourist behavior: A study based on social media data Dr. Lan Xue China 16/4/2020
Life Science Public Management Review Under what conditions do governments collaborate? A qualitative comparative analysis of air pollution control in China Mr. Yao Liu China 8/2/2021
Physical Science Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness Validity of accelerometry for predicting physical activity and sedentary time in ambulatory children and young adults with cerebral palsy Dr. Wendy Huang Hong Kong 27/6/2020
Social Science Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice Assessing Information-based Policy Tools: An Eye-Tracking Laboratory Experiment on Public Information Posters Prof. Richard Walker Hong Kong 11/6/2020
Physical Science International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Heat transfer enhancement of turbulent channel flow using a piezoelectric fan Prof. Yingzheng Liu China 8/11/2019
Business Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Predicting the volatility of the iShares China Large-Cap ETF: What is the role of the SSE 50 ETF? Dr. Fangfei Zhu China 12/8/2019
General Science Advanced science Extracellular Nanomatrix-Induced Self-Organization of Neural Stem Cells into Miniature Substantia Nigra-Like Structures with Therapeutic Effects on Parkinsonian Rats Kaili Lin China 30/9/2019
Education The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher School Banding Effects on Student Financial Literacy Acquisition in a Standardised Financial Literacy Curriculum Dr. Maxwell Chun-Sing Ho Hong Kong 2/1/2020
Maths and Statistics Acta Mathematica Scientia Some special self-similar solutions for a model of inviscid liquid-gas two-phase flow Dr. Man Wai Yuen Hong Kong 24/12/2020
Life Science Science of The Total Environment From farm-scale to lab-scale: The characterization of engineered irrigation water distribution system biofilm models using an artificial freshwater source Dr. Olivier Habimana Hong Kong 31/8/2019
Psychology International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Occupational Stress and Its Economic Cost in Hong Kong: The Role of Positive Emotions Prof. Oi Ling Siu Hong Kong 19/11/2020
Medical American Journal of Cancer Research Role of tRNA-derived fragments in cancer: novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets tRFs in cancer Dr. Ping Zhu China 1/2/2020
General Science Environment International Determination and occurrence of natural and synthetic glucocorticoids in surface waters Dr. Wan Yi China 8/11/2019
Business Journal of Banking & Finance Does competition induce analyst effort? evidence from a natural experiment of broker mergers Prof. Kuo-Chiang John Wei Hong Kong 8/8/2020
Psychology Sustainability The Sustainability of Motivation Driven by High Performance Expectations: A Self-Defeating Effect Ms. Mengru Wu China 14/8/2019
Physical Science International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics Resonance Analysis of Cantilever Plates Subjected to Moving Forces by a Semi-Analytical Method Dr. Qi Li China 14/4/2020
General Science Bioresource Technology Magnetic biochar for environmental remediation: A review Dr. Eric Tsang Hong Kong 21/11/2019
Life Science Food & Function Screening of Lactobacillus salivarius strains from the feces of Chinese populations and the evaluation of their effects against intestinal inflammation in mice Dr. Qixiao Zhai China 4/1/2020
Social Science Journal of Austrian Studies A Victimized Daughter in a Post-Nazi Austrian Family: An Analysis of Brigitte Schwaiger's Wie kommt das Salz ins Meer Mr. Sieghard Jiang Macau 1/11/2020
Engineering IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability Warpage Analysis of Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging Using Equivalent CTE Prof. Kuo-Ning Chiang Taiwan 26/11/2019