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Publication Successes

Browse and use the filters below to see a sample of the journal paper publication successes in which we are happy to have contributed.

Subject Area Journal Published Paper Author From Publication Date
Sciences, Medical Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Diurnal Cortisol Slope Mediates the Association Between Affect and Memory Retrieval in Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Path-Analytical Study Ted Fong Hong Kong 21/2/2020
Sciences, Physical Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Significant production of ClNO2 and possible source of Cl2 from N2O5 uptake at a suburban site in eastern China Mr. Daniel Xia Hong Kong 26/5/2020
Sciences, Physical Environmental Science & Technology Pb Stabilization by a New Chemically Durable Orthophosphate Phase: Insights into the Molecular Mechanism with X-ray Structural Analysis Dr. Kaimin Shih Hong Kong 5/4/2020
Sciences, Physical Journal of Geodesy Amplitude scintillation index derived from C/N0 measurements released by common geodetic GNSS receivers operating at 1 Hz Mr. Xiaomin Luo China 13/2/2020
Sciences, Earth & Space Engineering Geology Particle classification and intra-particle pore structure of carbonate sands Dr. Bo Zhou China 11/11/2020
Sciences, Physical Catalysts Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx on MnO2 Octahedral Molecular Sieves (OMS-2) Doped with Co Mr. Yusi Wang China 4/3/2020
Sciences, Physical Journal of Membrane Science Robust dual-layered omniphobic electrospun membrane with anti-wetting and anti-scaling functionalised for membrane distillation application Dr. Alicia Kyoungjin An Hong Kong 22/1/2021
Sciences, Physical Food Chemistry Changes in bioactive milk serum proteins during milk powder processing Mr. David Liu China 1/9/2020
Sciences, Physical Journal of Materials Research and Technology Microstructural and performance characterization of in-situ biphasic micro-nano scale (TiB2-TiCx)/Al-Cu-Mg composites with different ceramic and metal ratios designed for compact integration Ms. Xiujuan Li China 2/3/2021
Sciences, Physical InfoMat Chiral nanoparticle-induced amplification in optical activity of molecules with chiral centers Dr. Zhifeng Huang Hong Kong 17/2/2020
Sciences, Physical Physical Review B Distinguishing topological corner modes in higher-order topological insulators of finite size Prof. Guancong Ma Hong Kong 16/4/2020
Sciences, Physical Physics of Fluids Unsteady behaviors of separated flow over a finite blunt plate at different inclination angles Mr. Yifan Deng China 17/3/2020
Sciences, Physical Sensors Perception in the Dark; Development of a ToF Visual Inertial Odometry System Mr. Shengyang Chen Hong Kong 26/2/2020
Sciences, Medical Childhood Obesity Alarming Trends in Severe Obesity in Chinese Children from 1991 to 2015 Dr. Hui Fan China 27/5/2020
Sciences, Medical Global Health Action Fast food consumption among young adolescents aged 12–15 years in 54 low- and middle-income countries Dr. Liyuan Han China 8/7/2020
Sciences, Medical Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research Identification of a potential gene target for osteoarthritis based on bioinformatics analyses Mr. Zhixi Duan China 22/6/2020
Sciences, Medical Infection and Drug Resistance Molecular Characteristics, Antimicrobial Resistance and Virulence Gene Profiles of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates from Wuhan, Central China Dr. Yirong Li China 30/6/2020
Sciences, Physical Optik Frequency estimation of chirp signals based on fractional fourier transform combined with Otsu’s method Dr. Xuelian Liu China 18/4/2021
Sciences, Life Microbial Biotechnology A new Illumina MiSeq high-throughput sequencing-based method for evaluating the composition of the Bacteroides community in the intestine using the rpsD gene sequence Dr. Qixiao Zhai China 8/11/2020
Sciences, Life Toxicological Research Investigation of the genotoxic effects of fluoride on a bone tissue model Mr. Volobaev Valentin Pavlovich Russia 24/2/2020