Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get an editing fee estimate before I submit my document?

    Yes, of course. You can simply use our online cost estimator and enter the word count of your document to get your editing fee estimate. You can also see different fee estimates corresponding to different return options.

    However, please note that these fee estimates are for reference only. We will provide a fixed quote based on a thorough assessment of your document’s word count, quality of writing and level of editing required.

  • My document is ready. How do I get a fixed quote?

    Simply submit your document using our online document submission form, or email to

    Please include any special requests or instructions in the box provided in the form or in your email to us.

  • Do you have a minimum order value for your editing service?

    We do not have a specific minimum order value for editing service, but our minimum billable time is 30 minutes.

    For example, if we assess that editing your document will take 15 minutes in total, we will still invoice for 30 minutes.

  • After submitting a document how quickly will I receive a quote?

    We will conduct a quick assessment of your document’s word count and quality of writing to determine the editing time required, and we will send back an interactive quote within 2 hours during weekday office hours and within 5 hours outside of normal office hours.

    To ensure no delay in your return schedule, we issue quotes and process work during weekends and public holidays, except for 25 December, 1 January and the first day of Chinese New Year.

  • Can I request only particular sections or paragraphs in my document be edited rather than the whole file?

    Yes, of course. Please clearly specify or ideally highlight the parts in your document which you would like us to work on, and inform our client support team when you request a quote.

  • How do I communicate any special instructions for editing my document?

    When you submit your document you can include any special requests or instructions in the box provided in the online document submission form or in your email.

    Our client support team will contact you at the earliest convenience to clarify details if necessary.

  • Why is the quote I have received this time different from an earlier quote for another document with a similar word count?

    We assess each individual document’s word count and quality of writing to determine the level of editing required. Different documents, although with same word count, can still vary in quality of writing resulting in different quotes. We believe this is a fairer solution, rather than relying on an arbitrary word count, to reflect the value of our editing service.

  • Do you include references, appendices, tables and figures in the fixed quote?

    Under normal circumstances, we include English copy, but not numbers or symbols, in references, appendices, tables and figures when preparing the quote. However, if you do not want this content included you can simply inform our client support team when sending through your document.

  • I have received your interactive quote but now need to revise my document. What should I do?

    Inform our client support team at and re-submit your revised document for us to adjust the interactive quote.

    As we handle a great deal of quotes and orders every day, it is helpful if you mention the quote reference number in your communication with us so that we can quickly identify the corresponding quote.

  • I have confirmed the interactive quote. Do I need to pay before you will commence editing?

    Regular clients and any full-time faculty who provide us with complete and verifiable contact details are eligible to pay for our editing service on completion. We commence editing as soon as the interactive quote is confirmed.

    For other clients and students we require payment before commencing work. You will receive a PDF invoice with payment instructions via email immediately upon confirmation of your interactive quote. Please arrange payment as soon as possible as the service period selected commences only when we have received confirmation of payment.


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