About Us - AsiaEdit

AsiaEdit, a subsidiary of Armstrong-Hilton Limited, was started as AH Editing by Nick Case and Peter Day in 1996.

The inspiration for starting the business was provided by the partners’ friend, Dr Ian Storey, now Senior Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, who at the time was undertaking his PhD at the City University of Hong Kong and mentioned the need for academic editing.

Mike Poole

One of AsiaEdit’s first hires was
Dr Mike Poole, who at the time
was working towards his PhD at
the Australian National University.

Mike worked remotely for some time, but moved to Hong Kong as Chief Editor upon the completion of his doctorate. Over the following 20 years, Mike was key in helping Nick and Peter to build the business to the scale seen today. Very sadly, Mike passed in 2020, but the seed he originally helped to plant continues to flourish.

Today, still very much with an Asia focus,
our worldwide clients are served by our support team in the Hong Kong office and
a large team of editors located on literally every continent worldwide (bar Antarctica!).

We have posted year-on-year growth for 8 years and look forward to introducing
new services and opening further regional offices.