• How long will it take to edit my document?
    The actual return period depends on a number of factors, such as word count and the original writing quality of the document. Our fixed quotes include a number of return options and you can choose according to your urgency and budget.
  • Do you offer an express service?
    Yes, we even offer a same-day service depending on the time of submission and the editing hours required. If you have an urgent requirement, it’s best to speak to our client support team when you submit your document.
  • How does Premium Editing differ from Standard Editing? Which should I choose?
    Premium Editing includes an additional round of editing your responses to editor comments and incorporating your feedback on any parts of the edited document to ensure your meaning is clearly reflected. Standard Editing is by far our most requested service, but if you’d like to engage more with the editing team, commenting on their work and having them implement further changes according to your feedback, then Premium Editing may benefit you.
  • Can you work on PDF or LaTex documents?
    Yes, we can definitely work on LaTex (.tex) and PDF documents. However, editing is much more efficient if we can use a Word file as we can use the highly-efficient Track Changes feature. For LaTex (.tex) files: Our preference is to open LaTex files in Word and edit using the Track Changes function. We will ensure not to touch any of the LaTex code, meaning that you can copy the final edited document back into your LaTex editor. However, we are of course able to edit PDFs according to client requirements. For PDF files: The PDF editing tool is slow to use, so we can only print the document and hand write the edits, making it more difficult for you to incorporate the changes. Hence, we strongly recommend you send us either a Word or LaTex file to work on if at all possible.
  • Do you help reduce the word count of my document?
    Our regular editing fee does not include word count reduction, though small reductions maybe possible through the eradication of redundancies and more efficient language use. Larger word count reductions can be assessed and quoted for on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our client support team at for assistance.
  • Do you edit text in tables, charts or diagrams?
    Our editors work on any English content (but not numbers) in tables, charts and diagrams in your paper, unless you specify that we should ignore it. If you do not want us to work on the text in tables, charts or diagrams, please communicate with our client support team before editing commences.
  • Can you format my paper in line with common style guidelines or the guideline of my target journal?
    We are happy to conform to any of our clients’ formatting requirements. As it requires extra time from our editors, an equivalent surcharge is applied. Final confirmation will be given upon review of your document, but usually a 20% surcharge is applied for adhering to APA or the Chicago Manual of Style, with 30% extra applied for specific journal guides. Ideally clients should provide links to journal-specific style guides to ensure there is no miscommunication.
  • Do you help rephrase plagiarised content?
    No, ethics preclude us from helping to rephrase plagiarised content.
  • Can you provide an editing certificate? How can I get one for my paper?
    Yes, we can provide you with an editing certificate upon request and it is completely free-of-charge. It can be used to prove to your journal editor that your document has been edited by a professional English language editing service. Simply select Editing Certificate when you confirm your interactive quote with us. Remember to insert the required information such as article name, author name etc which will be printed on the certificate.
  • Do I need an Editor Report?
    The Editor Report outlines the key grammatical and stylistic weaknesses with your writing. If you would like to improve your writing it is certainly useful feedback if you have the budget available. The Editor Report is available as an add-value service with a flat fee of HK$400 (or equivalent amount in your currency). You can opt for this when you confirm your interactive quote.


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