Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apart from Chinese and English, do you offer translation services in any other languages?
    Our expertise lies in translations from Chinese to English and English to Chinese. We can work on both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.
  • How long will it take to translate my document?
    In general, we are able to return documents of up to 2,000 words or characters within 4 days. For documents over 2,000 words or characters, we will specify a return schedule on a case-by-case basis when we send you a quote. For Chinese to English translations, we may offer you the option of being able to review the translation before it goes to the English editor for language editing. The days that the document is with you during this pre-editing review stage is not included in the estimated delivery time.
  • Do you have a minimum order value for your translation service?
    Yes, our minimum order value for any translation service is HK$300 (or equivalent amount in other currencies).
  • When should I get in touch to get a quote for editing my document?
    As we quote on word count AND the level of editing required, we can only provide a fixed quote when we can review the final document. However, you are welcome to get in touch anytime during drafting and we can review your writing and, taking final expected word count into account, provide a rough estimate. If you would like an estimate based simply on the time it would take for us to edit an average document of the same length you can use our online cost estimator.
  • My document is very specialised in its subject area. Are your editors qualified to edit it?
    We match our editors with papers from their field of expertise to ensure that the most qualified editor with appropriate specialised subject knowledge will work on your paper. Our editorial team includes experienced academic editors from a wide range of academic disciplines. They are educated mainly to the postgraduate level at top-ranking research universities, many with their own successful publication histories. Check out our editor profiles.
  • How long will it take to edit my document?
    The actual return period depends on a number of factors, such as word count and the original writing quality of the document. Our fixed quotes include a number of return options and you can choose according to your urgency and budget.
  • Do you offer an express service?
    Yes, we even offer a same-day service depending on the time of submission and the editing hours required. If you have an urgent requirement, it’s best to speak to our client support team when you submit your document.
  • How does Premium Editing differ from Standard Editing? Which should I choose?
    Premium Editing includes an additional round of editing your responses to editor comments and incorporating your feedback on any parts of the edited document to ensure your meaning is clearly reflected. Standard Editing is by far our most requested service, but if you’d like to engage more with the editing team, commenting on their work and having them implement further changes according to your feedback, then Premium Editing may benefit you.
  • Can you edit PDF or LaTeX documents?
    Yes, we can definitely edit LaTeX (.tex) and PDF documents. However, editing is much more efficient in a Word file as we can use the “Track Changes” feature. For LaTex (.tex) files: If you are an Overleaf user, we can edit your TeX manuscript directly in Overleaf. Please email us ( the link to your Overleaf project and the name of the file(s) to be edited, or include these details in the “Further details” field of the submission form. Alternatively, we will open LaTeX files in Word and edit using the “Track Changes” function. We will ensure not to disrupt any of the LaTeX codes in the file, meaning that you can copy the final edited document back into your LaTeX editor, after all the edits have been reviewed and finalised and all editor comments have been resolved.   For PDF files: Due to certain challenges in digitally editing PDFs, we currently print the document and hand-write the edits, making it more difficult for you to incorporate the changes back into the source file. The file quality may be degraded during the print–scan process. Hence, we strongly recommend that you send us either a Word or LaTeX file to work on, if available.
  • Do you help reduce the word count of my document?
    Our regular editing fee does not include word count reduction, though small reductions maybe possible through the eradication of redundancies and more efficient language use. Larger word count reductions can be assessed and quoted for on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our client support team at for assistance.


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