Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I opt in to the AI-Assisted Editing Service?

    To opt in to AI-Assisted Editing, please enter the promotion code  ASIAEDIT-AI in your interactive quote. Use of this code constitutes consent for AI-Assisted Editing and gives you a 30% discount relative to Standard Editing.

    *Some documents may be ineligible for AI-assisted editing.

  • Is my data/privacy at risk if I use AI-Assisted Editing?

    The editing tool we use in our AI-Assisted Editing follows industry-leading data transmission and processing protocol (Microsoft Azure Open AI Enterprise-grade security). Your data is not at unreasonable risk and will not be used to train any editing models.

  • Will AI editing introduce errors (hallucinations) into my paper?

    Current AI editing models are not reliable enough to edit academic/technical content without introducing factual or consistency errors. 

    However, your senior editor will review every edit made by AI and correct any errors introduced or missed by AI. We are therefore able to guarantee the same quality as in our traditional Standard Editing model. 

  • Does AsiaEdit’s Quality Guarantee apply to AI-Assisted Editing?

    Yes! Our Quality Guarantee applies to the AI-Assisted Editing service as well.

  • What is AI-Assisted Editing?

    In our AI-Assisted Editing service, a senior member of our editing team will edit your manuscript with assistance from an AI editing model. 

    This AI–professional editor collaboration decreases the time needed to edit your manuscript to AsiaEdit’s stringent quality standards, allowing us to offer you the same quality as in traditional editing but at a lower price point.

    *Some documents may be ineligible for AI-assisted editing.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept cash payment, cheques, bank transfers, online payment by credit card, PayPal and Alipay. We can also deal with many university finance offices directly if you are able to pass on our invoice.

  • Can I use Alipay or WeChat Pay?

    Yes, we welcome Alipay or WeChat Pay. If you would like to pay by Alipay or WeChat Pay, please scan the respective QR code below, then enter the amount in HKD as it is printed on our invoice and confirm payment. Alipay or WeChat Pay will automatically convert the amount into RMB and your transaction will be conducted in RMB.

  • Can I simply pass the invoice on to my university’s finance department to settle payment?

    Yes, indeed many of our faculty clients process invoices in this way. As soon as you confirm your interactive quote, we will commence the editing and issue a PDF invoice which is accepted by many universities’ finance departments. You simply need to pass on the invoice to your finance team to arrange payment.

    If you have any special instructions for item descriptions detailed on our invoice, please contact our client support team at for assistance.

  • Can I pay in RMB? Do you issue Chinese Fapiao?

    When you pay online via PayPal or Alipay, the transaction platform will automatically convert the HKD amount as printed on our invoice into the equivalent amount in RMB using the current exchange rate and you will be charged in RMB. You will also be notified how much your transaction is in RMB. It is considered as a cross-border settlement.

    We do not issue Chinese Fapiao, but rather an English version invoice, which can also often be used for claiming reimbursement from your university or company.

    For further details, please contact our client support team at

  • I paid with my personal credit card. Can you issue a receipt for me to claim reimbursement from my university/company?

    Yes, you will receive a PDF invoice via email immediately after confirming your interactive quote and an e-receipt will be sent to you after your payment is successfully received. You can use it to claim reimbursement from your university or company.

    For your information, our invoices and receipts are in English and they are accepted by many universities as payment proof. If you have any special instructions for item descriptions detailed on our invoices or receipts, please contact our client support team at for assistance.


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