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Why choose AsiaEdit?

Our editors are all native English speakers, educated mainly to the postgraduate level at top-ranking research universities, and many with their own successful publication histories. We match our editors with papers from their field of expertise to deliver maximum impact.

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  • Traditional But Effective Paper Matching
  • Your Schedule, Our Prime Concern

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Client Feedback

  • The AsiaEdit team react quickly to my enquires and provide good quality editing. Their cost is reasonable and they accept payments directly from my University, which simplifies things for me.

    Professor Shiva Shivakumar

    London Business School
  • As an academic in China I find it very easy to communicate using Wechat and QQ and the recent acceptance of payments through Wechat Wallet is very welcome! Discounts for referring colleagues help with my budget too.

    Dr Lin Chen

    Shandong University
  • I was recommended by one of my colleagues who had several successful experiences with your trustworthy team. I think your work is very professional and efficient. Communication is fluent and timely, which impresses me and results in a good user experience.

    Dr Yanting Guo

    Zhejiang University
  • I have been using the services provided by AsiaEdit over the years, and the quality of their editing far exceeds my expectations. I find their work professional, efficient, and most importantly, outstanding in terms of quality. I have recommended their services to my colleagues and will continue to do so.

    Dr Frederick Yim

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • I have used AsiaEdit for four years. Following their excellent work my papers are ready for publication. I'd like to thank them very much!

    Dr Yuqin Huang

    Central University of Finance and Economics
  • I've been using AsiaEdit for the last few years and their work has always been of high quality, reliable and meets with my expectations. I also recommended AsiaEdit to my co-authors and other colleagues in the mainland and other countries.

    Dr Hung Wan Kot

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • AsiaEdit have edited about 10 articles of mine. Their service is professional, with a standardised process to ensure the quality of the manuscript, as well as flexible options in terms of time to complete the work.

    Professor Lijun Ma

    Shenzhen University
  • AsiaEdit provides the best editing service, which increases my chance of publishing my work in high-quality journals!

    Dr Michael Kwan

    Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Your company has been working on my papers since 2008 and the thing I like the most is that you are very professional in keeping to the turn-around time for each article. I will definitely use your service again.

    Dr Albert Tsang

    York University
  • Your company did a great job in editing my papers. The service is professional and international in standard.

    Professor Oliver Rui

  • The most important thing about your service is the higher editing quality, compared with other vendors I have used. I also really appreciate the regular email updates as my paper is processed. The reasonable cost should also be mentioned.

    Dr Xinzheng Shi

    Tsinghua University
  • I have been using AsiaEdit to edit my manuscripts for the past several years and I have always found their work of high quality and the team responsive to my needs. I am happy to recommend their service to fellow academics needing a reliable partner to help in the publication process.

    Professor Shige Makino

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Working in the Higher Education Sector we mainly deal with AsiaEdit for Academic Editing. Our Academic Staff request to use AsiaEdit due to their fast turnaround of requests, and the quality of the editing which has led to journal papers being published in high ranking accounting journals. I have found AsiaEdit to be competitively priced, prompt in their replies for assistance, reliable and very easy to deal with. We are very pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend.

    Ms Corinna Worth

    Curtin University
  • I have been using AsiaEdit services to help prepare my journal papers for publication. The editing quality is good, they respond to queries quickly and return documents on time. I am happy to refer their services to other academic colleagues.

    Mr Larry Lee

    National Central University
  • As my mother language is not English, I was unsure whether my papers would be fully understood by foreign editors and reviewers. Then my friend introduced AsiaEdit to me and I have now used their paper editing service twice. I estimated the total fee in the AsiaEdit website and talked with them about the process, the return time and the fee. I paid the fee through ATM, which was very convenient for me, and received my edited paper back in five days. I was excited because I found the language of my paper vivid and as if it had been written by a person whose mother language is English. Now one of my papers will be published by an English journal and anther paper is still in the process of revision. I believe I will ask AsiaEdit for help for my next English paper for the high quality editing. By the way, you can Use Wechat and QQ to communicate with them and pay with Wechat Wallet. I firmly believe that AsiaEdit will be your best friend in your academic life.

    Dr Michael Zhang

    University of Kentucky
  • I am grateful for the excellent editing quality and flexible return times of AsiaEdit, which help a lot with my publications. They also have a friendly team and thus communication between us is good. The reasonable cost and flexible payment methods further make the editing work much easier.

    Dr Yang Liu

    South China University of Technology
  • AsiaEdit offers a range of return speeds, including express, and more importantly sticks to the deadline. I also like the Premium Editing service, through which I can benefit from deeper communication with the editing team.

    Dr Yuanyuan Huo

    University of Surrey
  • AsiaEdit offers quality work with a range of return speed options to suit my needs. Their email updates keep me informed of the progress of my work and the workflow is simple and convenient.

    Dr Bei Zhao

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The standard of your editing is very good and you offer flexible payment options. On top of that I appreciate your prompt communication throughout the editing process.

    Mr Tao He

    Sun Yat-Sen University
  • As a non-native English speaker I have confidence in sending my papers to AsiaEdit for high-quality editing, after which they read much better. They also provide quick returns.

    Professor Micheal Wu

    The University of Hong Kong
  • The editing is of good quality, but if there are any queries they are dealt with promptly.

    Dr Joo La Jung

    Seoul National University
  • I would definitely recommend AsiaEdit for a superb job in professional editing at a reasonable cost!

    Dr Horace Ho

    Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education
  • AsiaEdit is very quick in responding to my enquiries.

    Dr Morris Liu

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • I have been using AsiaEdit service for two years. When searching for an editing service, I care most about the proofreading quality and return time. AsiaEdit never disappoints me. They provide high quality service with flexible turn-around time. The communication with AsiaEdit is always smooth and efficient. The staff are friendly and respond very quickly to enquiries about editing and I receive regular email updates as my paper is processed. This keeps me informed of the proofreading status. In addition, the cost is reasonable and I can choose different ways to process the payment, which is very flexible. In summary, I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend AsiaEdit.

    Dr Yue Wang

    Hang Seng Management College
  • Your communication is excellent, whether it's responding to queries 7 days a week, the emails I receive for peace of mind as my project is processed or the answers I get to any questions. Work is also completed on time. Keep up with the good service!

    Professor Zach Lee

    Nottingham University Business School China
  • I was very happy with the friendly and professional team at AsiaEdit. They were quick to respond to my initial enquiry and were able to start working almost straight away. What struck us the most was the thoroughness and attention to detail in their work! Our manuscript was particularly long and yet they were able to turn it around very quickly to meet our tight deadline and provide a high quality service at a very reasonable rate indeed. I would absolutely recommend AsiaEdit and plan to use them for all future projects.

    Dr Emmanuel De George

    London Business School
  • An outstanding editing service that is not expensive; I have referred AsiaEdit to my colleagues.

    Dr Te Bao

    Nanyang Technological University
  • Your ability to implement style guidelines and offer express returns, and your email updates as my papers go through your editing process, give me peace of mind when I am busy and working to a tight deadline.

    Dr Dong Yang

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • I've completed three projects with AsiaEdit so far. The helpful team there are reliable and respond to my queries quickly. For convenience I can settle their invoices using Wechat Wallet.

    Ms Kelly Zhang

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • I've had AsiaEdit edit my papers for the last 5 years and I'm pleased with the publication success that I have had. The editing is of good quality, they are reliable and quick to respond and for convenience I simply pass the invoices to my University to pay on my behalf. I'm quite happy to recommend them.

    Dr Grantley Taylor

    Curtin University
  • I'm in my fifth year of working with AsiaEdit, completing several projects with them. I appreciate the overall service and in particular the quality of the editing and the email updates I receive as the paper is processed. These certainly offer reassurance when a deadline is approaching!

    Dr Lei Su

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • I love the professional and high quality service provided by the AsiaEdit team. The price is reasonable with different editing options. I will always recommend your company to others without reservation.

    Dr Rita Yip

    Hang Seng Management College
  • I always prefer my papers to be edited by someone who knows the language of business (i.e. accounting). AsiaEdit always accommodates my requests. I also receive regular email updates as my papers progress through the editing process.

    Dr Kenny Lin

    Lingnan University
  • My research team has enjoyed AsiaEdit high quality, professional editing services over the past five years. They provide reliable, on-time delivery services and are also adept at implementing special requirements and style guidelines. They also have flexible payments methods. We really like their services!

    Dr Xiande Zhao

  • I recommend AsiaEdit for its quick response to my enquiries, even over the weekend, and the staff being very friendly and professional. In addition, when they copy-edit my work they take the target journal into consideration, which improves the chance of being accepted.

    Professor Xiaoyu Yu

    Shanghai University
  • AsiaEdit endeavour to meet special requests and they return my papers on schedule. Their editing level is high and they are quick to respond to any queries on their work. Finally, payment is simple with a number of methods to choose from. All in all a convenient, reliable academic editing partner.

    Dr Yan Liu

    Wuhan University
  • Good work delivered on time at a reasonable cost. Happily recommended.

    Professor Syed Akhtar

    City University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit edits to a high standard at a reasonable cost. The work is completed on schedule by the cordial team who are always quick to respond.

    Dr Hangjun Yang

    University of International Business and Economics
  • I have been a long-term user of AsiaEdit services. To succinctly summarise my experience with them, I think the best way to put it is: I am always happy with their editing quality and I am always happy to refer their services.

    Professor Vincent Lai

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • I am pleased to have a partner to assist in the publishing process that is able to follow journal style guidelines, returns my work on schedule and even provides an editing certificate free of charge.

    Dr Jiabao Liang

    Southern Medical University
  • Having used AsiaEdit to work on two manuscripts over the last year I am very happy with their work and pleased to recommend them. The editing quality is good and the process is simple and convenient.

    Dr Pingzhang Wang

    Peking University
  • Responsive and fantastic turnaround times. We have managed to publish our papers in international journals with the help of AsiaEdit, and we are confident that there will be more in the future. Highly recommended.

    Mr Stanley Lam

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • I have been using AsiaEdit's services for more than ten years. I have always been highly satisfied with their work. They are fast, punctual and highly professional. The prices are reasonable.

    Professor Gabor Ungvari

    The University of Western Australia
  • AsiaEdit worked on our clinical study report and we are pleased to recommend their services. The editing work was done meticulously, delivered on time and the study was successfully accepted for publication in a leading medical journal.

    Mr Ng Shea Kang

  • Thanks very much for the great job you did with editing my paper. The quality of the editing is good and the communication during the process effective. I also appreciate the academic writing webinar series that you have been running this year.

    Ms Xianchi Ren

    The University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit improves the quality of my writing and I am pleased to recommend their service to others.

    Mr Frank Xu

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Quality editing at a reasonable cost that I can rely on. The friendly AsiaEdit team always responds quickly as well.

    Mr Jinlin Cao

    Zhejiang University
  • The team at AsiaEdit does their best to assist with special requests and can also work to style guidelines. The overall standard of work is good and they meet agreed deadlines. I an happy to recommend them to others looking for a reliable partner in the publication process.

    Ms Kelly Chang

    National Taiwan University
  • I have worked with AsiaEdit for 3 years and in that time have processed over 70 pieces of work with them including much of my teaching materials. With a busy work schedule it's great to have a second pair of eyes to suggest improvements and pick up typos and they also offer an express service when time is tight.

    Dr Isabel Hwang

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit offer quality work, completed to schedule and at a reasonable cost. They are reliable and respond to enquires 7 days a week. On top of that I can earn discount coupons for referring colleagues and when it comes to payment I just pass the invoice to my University to settle for me. I am happy to recommend their services.

    Dr Rainbow Ho

    The University of Hong Kong
  • I have been using AsiaEdit for just under a year, but they have already helped me to edit two manuscripts that have successfully been published in Calcified Tissue International and Musculoskeletal Research. Their work is of high quality and efficient and I am happy to recommend them to my colleagues.

    Professor Gang Li

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit makes the effort to read my papers word by word, line by line, and gives the best possible recommendations to improve the text.

    Dr Will Ma

    Hong Kong Shue Yan University
  • The approachable people at AsiaEdit always respond to me quickly, assist with style guideline formatting and complete work on time. I'm happy to recommend their service.

    Professor Xiaosui Xiao

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • This is a really friendly team and they offer good communication during the editing process. Quick responses to questions about editing is one of the most satisfying things.

    Mr Yiran Wang

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • I have been working with AsiaEdit for over five years and enjoy their professional service very much! The support team is very friendly and always supportive; I usually get a reply within one hour. I like the service level options, which allow me to choose the turn-around time to accommodate my working schedule and budget. The editors are very professional as they not only provide English proofreading services, but also work on the manuscript format and reference style. Paying for their professional service is also very convenient - just click on the Paypal link. I have already referred AsiaEdit to my colleagues and academic friends.

    Dr Yinni Peng

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • In general, I am satisfied with AsiaEdit. I appreciate their careful editing work completed to schedule. I can see the optimization of my manuscript in terms of grammar and APA format after their editing work.

    Dr Ruth Zhou

    Hong Kong Shue Yan University
  • AsiaEdit service is fast, reliable and professional. I can always get my English-language manuscript proofread and polished without worry.

    Ms Rosa Sung

    The University of Hong Kong
  • The editors of AsiaEdit are professional; they can read the meaning behind the client's words. After their precise editing, the document becomes more professionally stylish, which leads you to success beyond your expectation.

    Ms Packy Lo

    Hong Kong
  • My experience with AsiaEdit is that the editing speed is super fast. I can tell sometimes that editors work over weekends, which is very impressive. Editors are also capable of meeting various demands.

    Dr Jiangnan Zhu

    The University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit is generally meticulous and dutiful. Their editors are kind and helpful, not only correcting mistakes in a script but also identifying and anticipating possible problems. Being a non-native English writer I am satisfied with the service so far.

    Dr Ertai Chiu

    Lingnan University
  • Having a high standard of writing is fundamental to get my research published in leading journals, which is critical to my future career. AsiaEdit is excellent in editing in both qualitative and quantitative articles and has successfully guided me through multiple publication processes.

    Mr Xam Chan

    University of Southern California
  • The team at AsiaEdit handled the line editing for my book manuscript with professionalism, an eye for detail, and a customer-first mentality. Somehow, someway, the folks at AsiaEdit find a way to deliver.

    Mr Jason Fung

    Hong Kong
  • Great quality editing that I can conveniently pay for with Wechat Wallet.

    Mr Su Chang

    University of Macau
  • AsiaEdit fees are reasonable and fair as they quote based on how much work is required rather than just the word count. Furthermore they are able to format according to style guidelines and return documents on time.

    Dr Herman Lo

    City University of Hong Kong
  • I appreciate AsiaEdit quality and also that their team seem to share in the joy of my success.

    Ms Gladys Lam

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • I have used AsiaEdit services twice and both times the work was completed on time. I was very satisfied with the editing quality and the attention to detail. The referees of the journal also praised the elegant and idiomatic English of my articles. I particularly appreciated the efficient communication of the team and the regular email updates that I received as my paper was processed. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality academic editing services.

    Dr Maialen Marin-Lacarta

    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • I found AsiaEdit through the Oxford Journals' website after my paper was rejected by Applied Linguistics. Ever since I have been working with them as a regular customer. Interestingly, all accredited ISI journals have a strict policy on language quality and not one has found a problem with my papers after AsiaEdit's attention. Their editing services are very economical in comparison to other language editing vendors. As I have told them, I am indebted to them for their perfect editing of my PhD proposal, through which I have been accepted as a TESOL PhD student at Deakin University in Australia. They offered guidance beyond their service scope, demonstrating that they are very thoughtful, friendly and caring too.

    Mr Omid Rezaabadi

  • My experience with AsiaEdit has been a pleasant one. The best part of their service, as far as I felt it, was their prompt response to suit clients' needs. In my case, I particularly appreciated them delegating the editing of my manuscript (a book on an interdisciplinary topic in applied linguistics and cognitive science) to native-English-speaking editors with similar backgrounds. That was exactly what I needed the most during the final stage of my book! Of course, I also like their idea of having a project manager to oversee progress and monitor the editing quality (before returning the edited version to me), which allowed me to rest assured. The charge wasrelatively high, but still quite reasonable and acceptable, particularly given the quality of service and the high cost of Hong Kong. Overall, I am grateful for their prompt and quality service and would highly recommend it to colleagues!

    Dr Edward Wen

    Macau Polytechnic Institute
  • I find AsiaEdit a valuable and reliable partner in the research publication process. I trust the quality of their work, which has helped my papers get into good social science journals over the past five years. Their express service has also been useful to me when I have been pushed for time.

    Dr Nicole Cheung

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit works closely with my School and has helped me personally to publish my papers successfully for over 5 years. The team is efficient in handling our requests and the editing is very professional.

    Dr Catherine Cheung

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • I am happy to recommend the editing services of AsiaEdit. I have been using AsiaEdit to edit my manuscripts and other research publications for the past 10 years, and have always been pleased with their editing quality and speed. What also impresses me is their swift responses to my quotation requests or other enquiries and their flexible options of return times to meet my special requirements. I also take advantage of the referral discount by referring colleagues in Hong Kong and overseas. Armstrong-Hilton is my preferred editor. They do an excellent job, are always reliable, and offer competitive rates.

    Professor Haiyan Song

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • AsiaEdit has helped me over the last couple of years in both editing research grant proposals and journal papers that were subsequently published in internationally peer-reviewed top-tier journals. They are a reliable and conscientious partner and in addition I enjoy the convenience of being able to hand their invoices to the University finance office to handle on my behalf.

    Professor Mei-chun Cheung

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • As the Editor of Signs and Media journal I have been using AsiaEdit for three years so far. We appointed them sole editor of our journal as the editing quality is high, they offer a range of return times and quickly respond to queries. I'm happy to be able to recommend them.

    Dr Chen Xue

    Sichuan University
  • I was introduced to AsiaEdit by one of my fellow PhDs. I think the biggest impression made on me by AsiaEdit is professionalism, through the quality of editing and the associated services. AsiaEdit has helped me with a recent project, a chapter in an academic book, 'Encyclopaedia of Correction', which has recently been successfully accepted by the book editors and will be published soon. Without the help of AsiaEdit the work will not be accepted so easily, which proves without doubt the quality of the editing. Besides, the administration and support services are also first class, some of which are highly appreciated by customers who have a Mainland China background. E.g. Mandarin-speaking staff, flexible approach channels such as Wechat, QQ, Email etc, and diverse payment methods including China UnionPay, local bank transfer and Wechat Wallet etc.Therefore, if you have any editing needs, AsiaEdit is highly recommended.

    Mr Nemo Xia

    University of Macau
  • I count on AsiaEdit service because it offers reliable editing quality.

    Dr Jinsoo Lee

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Thanks for offering a good quality, reliable editing service with effective communication channels. Keep up the good work!

    Mr Lawrence Leung

    University of Salford
  • AsiaEdit has been editing for me for almost ten years. Some of the features of their service that I have enjoyed include express turnarounds to meet tight deadlines, formatting to meet journal guidelines and editing re-submissions. All of this is handled efficiently with the reassurance of clear communication.

    Professor Steven Ngai

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit can almost be considered as insurance when submitting my academic papers: if the journal reviewer questions my English grammar AsiaEdit will quickly respond, and an editing certificate can be provided when needed at no charge. Last but not least, AsiaEdit is a friendly team with good communication, editing work returned is good quality and completed on time.

    Mr Jimmy Chen

    City University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit editors are professional and dedicated. Their careful work helps remove the glitches in my writing, allowing me to focus on the content and be more productive in research.

    Dr Xiaowen Fu

    The University of Sydney
  • AsiaEdit editing and support is great and I will be using them to work on my next paper.

    Ms Vivian Huang

    Peking University
  • When you want to find a professional editing company, AsiaEdit is a good choice. As a graduate student majoring in Civil Engineering, I have cooperated with AsiaEdit more than four times. The company has helped me to modify my research papers and I think it is reliable to say that AsiaEdit is an excellent editing company. The company retains a high-class language editing team; when my paper has been revised by them, I feel that the quality improves. Their writing style always meets academic writing standards. Actually, I have already published several papers in world-class international journals and all of these papers were refined by AsiaEdit. Moreover, the company's customer service is very friendly and convenient. Every time I have a question to inquire of them, they always give me a response within one working day. The company also possesses staff who can speak Mandarin, which is very important for me because sometimes I cannot express my request clearly in English. In this situation, I can talk with them in Chinese and tell them exactly what I am thinking. Overall, I believe AsiaEdit is a truly excellent editing company and I hope more people would find out about this company.

    Mr Xingquan Guan

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • AsiaEdit provides high quality editing for my research proposals and it is very easy to communicate my special requirements to them. Besides, my university can pay on my behalf, which is convenient for me.

    Dr Gongsheng Huang

    City University of Hong Kong
  • I have been using AsiaEdit for a number of years. The main services requested by me are proof-reading for English grammar in journal papers and research proposals. Although the service fee is not necessarily the cheapest, I have found that the quality of the service is better than that of other vendors. Most importantly, if reviewers questions the quality, AsiaEdit provides a quality assurance statement/letter to the reviewers and defends their work. This is very important to demonstrate to the reviewers that the grammar used in the proof-read papers/proposals is free of mistakes.

    Dr Peter Tse

    City University of Hong Kong
  • I think that the editing quality, flexible return options and adherence to deadlines make your service exceptional and unique.

    Dr Johnny Wong

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • AsiaEdit edit to a high standard and also have a premium service if I require increased communication with the editing team. The cost is reasonable and work is completed on time. I also benefit from the occasional free academic writing webinars that they offer.

    Professor Ningyi Dai

    University of Macau
  • The quality of editing is of course most important and AsiaEdit do not disappoint in this regard. But in support of that they offer flexible return options and payment methods and I can rely on them to stick to agreed deadlines.

    Dr Yi-Ju Chou

    National Taiwan University
  • Having used AsiaEdit since 2012 I find that their work is of a high standard, explained in part by documents being edited and checked by different editors. Their affable staff answer enquires and questions quickly, which is often reassuring when a deadline looms. Finally I am able to earn discount coupons by referring their service to colleagues, which I am happy to do.

    Dr Qi Li

    Tongji University
  • As a customer of your journal paper editing service for well over 10 years I've achieved significant publication success. Keep up the good work!

    Dr Paul Lam

    City University of Hong Kong
  • The high quality of the editing and the fact that work is always completed on schedule are a couple of reasons that I am well into my second decade as an AsiaEdit customer!

    Professor Bing Li

    Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Your editing always provides excellent quality at a reasonable cost. The regular progress updates and on-time delivery offer me the reassurance of a reliable service.

    Mr Max Wu

    National Tsing Hua University
  • AsiaEdit worked on our research papers on thermodynamics and we are pleased to recommend their services. The editing team is professional, the work was done meticulously and delivered on time. The papers were successfully accepted for publication in several leading thermodynamics journals.

    Dr Xiaojing Zhu

    Dalian University of Technology
  • The editing offered is high in quality and the administrative team works with our finance office in flexible and efficient ways. Wonderful.

    Dr Ming-Tak Hue

    The Education University of Hong Kong
  • I first used the editing service of AsiaEdit to polish an important grant proposal. Their excellent work significantly improved the language quality of our proposal which was subsequently funded. I then referred their service to my colleagues and friends. Their professional editing helps our manuscripts get published successfully and we are all very satisfied with their service. In addition, they also hold very good educational webinars on manuscript writing, from which I benefit a lot.

    Dr Harry He

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • On top of editing the main body, if requested AsiaEdit service also includes working on text references and the reference list, as well as following style guidelines. This saves me valuable time that I am able to devote to research and other pressing issues. They also offer flexible payment methods to settle their reasonable fees.

    Dr Louisa Chung

    The Education University of Hong Kong
  • I have been using AsiaEdit for the last two years and have been consistently happy with the service and the quality of their work.

    Dr Hongbiao Yin

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • A convenient and reliable editing service for academic manuscript editing. It’s my pleasure to recommend AsiaEdit service to my colleagues.

    Mr Chi Wo Lee

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit always do their best to meet special requirements, and are adept at following style guidelines. The staff communicate very well and respond quickly to inquiries.

    Ms Jenny Xie

    The Education University of Hong Kong
  • AsiaEdit offers flexible return times, sticks to schedule, and the quality is better than other providers in Hong Kong. The flexibility to edit according to different requirements and offering me discounts for referring colleagues are other features that make me very pleased with the service.

    Ms Shirley Chan

  • For the past six years I have very much enjoyed reading the outcome of research papers that I have sent to AsiaEdit. They provide a professional editing service, taking care of every word and sentence throughout the paper. I am also kept informed of the progress of my paper in the editing process through email updates. With such standard procedures and a higher level of editing quality, AsiaEdit service is more than trustworthy. I deeply appreciate their efforts, and look forward to our next cooperation to get another paper successfully published.

    Dr Travis Huang

    Ling Tung University
  • I found AsiaEdit through an internet search. At the time I had just received feedback of minor revision for our manuscript from a journal editor. The key request was for language polishing and the editor gave us two weeks for the revision. After comparing several language editing companies, we decided to gave AsiaEdit a try due to their reasonable price and fast turnaround time. It turned out that we were very satisfied with the quality of the service and the manuscript was successfully accepted for publication. AsiaEdit staff are enthusiastic and they follow a professional working procedure. More importantly, each manuscript will usually be worked on by one experienced editor and then checked by another senior member of staff. For this reason, I have strongly recommended AsiaEdit to my colleagues.

    Dr Yong Zhang

    Jilin University
  • It has been extremely easy to set up a working relationship with AsiaEdit. They are knowledgeable and efficient and they have also been very good at understanding my instructions. I am extremely satisfied with the quality and always receive very high quality feedback from the reviewers. Based on previous successful experiences with AsiaEdit, we encourage our students to use their language editing service before they submit their papers to a journal.

    Dr Chen Chen

    Jiangnan University
  • I use AsiaEdit to help me to prepare my manuscripts ready for publication and I have not been disappointed with their service and quality. I also appreciate that I can pass their invoices to my Institution to pay on my behalf.

    Dr Hongli Bao

    Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Quality editing completed on time. Happily recommended.

    Professor Likun Xue

    Shandong University
  • I have enjoyed AsiaEdit service for academic articles and research proposals more than 20 times. I believe that their work is useful and valuable to me for improving the English quality of my articles and proposals. Thus, I recommend them to my colleagues, in particular to those who are just starting to write academic articles at their beginning of their careers.

    The Education University of Hong Kong

    Dr Steven Yuen
  • I have been using AsiaEdit service since the beginning of 2015 and I have been consistently satisfied with standard of their editing work and the communication throughout projects. They are quick to respond to enquires and offer an express service for when I have a pressing deadline.

    Ms Margaret Lam

    The University of Hong Kong
  • A good standard of editing, completed on time at a reasonable cost and delivered by a friendly, approachable team.

    Dr Josiah Chan

    Lingnan University
  • Most importantly the quality of the editing is high, but added to that AsiaEdit responds to queries quickly and completes work on time. Finally, the team is friendly and tries hard to accommodate special requests.

    Ms Albee Chen

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • On top of expert editing and a range of return options to meet my needs, the AsiaEdit team offer clear and concise communication throughout the process.

    Professor Michael Siu

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Quickly dealing with enquires every day of the week and email updates as my work progresses through your editing process.Great communication!

    Ms Ruth Chau

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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We are East Asia's leading academic editing partner. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Hong Kong, we have strong connections with academics and renowned faculty in the region, built by delivering quality work on time for more than 25 years. Our editors are all well-versed in and understand the needs of multilingual authors in Asia.


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We are Asia's leading academic editing partner Established for over 25 years and headquartered in Hong Kong, we have strong connections with academics and renowned faculty in the region built on their confidence in the quality of our work. Our editors are all well-versed in and understand the needs of non-native English authors in Asia.

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