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AsiaEdit et al. Episode 8: Presenting your research findings to the general public

18 March 2022 | AsiaEdit

Welcome to AsiaEdit et al., the podcast that brings you research publishing tips, direct from industry experts, with Host Dr Trevor Lane (Education Consultant, AsiaEdit).

In Episode 8, Trevor speaks with Elodie Chabrol, International Director at Pint of Science. Tune in to learn how best to present your research findings to non-academic audiences and the general public.

This episode covers the following topics:

  • History, aims, and activities of Pint of Science
  • Importance of engagement between researchers and society
  • Tips for science communication and presentation
  • Writing for non-academic audiences

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About our Host:

Dr Trevor Lane

Education Consultant

Trevor is a publishing and education consultant and an elected Council Member of the Committee on Publication Ethics. He has 25 years of experience helping authors publish their research in peer-reviewed academic journals.

His previous positions include senior editorial and publishing roles in medical and social science journals in Asia and the United States, as well as teaching research communication and publishing ethics at the University of Hong Kong. He holds an MA in Biochemistry and a DPhil in cancer genetics from the University of Oxford.

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