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Publication Successes

Browse and use the filters below to see a sample of the journal paper publication successes in which we are happy to have contributed.

Subject Area Journal Published Paper Author From Publication Date
Sciences, Earth & Space Agricultural Water Management Evaluation of 18 models for calculating potential evapotranspiration in different climatic zones of China Yong  Yang  China 5/10/2020
Sciences, Earth & Space Earth and Space Science Characterization of the Candidate Landing Region for Tianwen-1—China's First Mission to Mars Bo  Wu  Hong Kong 30/5/2021
Sciences, Earth & Space Science of The Total Environment Development and application of a hybrid long-short term memory – three dimensional variational technique for the improvement of PM2.5 forecasting Jimmy  Fung  Hong Kong 12/1/2021
Psychology Journal of Managerial Psychology Person–job fit and job involvement: the curvilinear effect and the moderating role of goal orientation Li  Ma  China 18/3/2021
Psychology International Journal of Conflict Management How and when intragroup relationship conflict leads to knowledge hiding: the roles of envy and trait competitiveness He  Peng  China 13/11/2020
Psychology Journal of Health Psychology Relationships between resilience and quality of life in parents of children with cancer William  Li  Hong Kong 31/1/2021
Psychology International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health A Review of Psychological Issues among Patients and Healthcare Staff during Two Major Coronavirus Disease Outbreaks in China: Contributory Factors and Management Strategies Ka Ming  Chow  Hong Kong 14/9/2020
Nursing & Health Sciences Risk Management in East Asia Understanding China’s National Emergency Management System Lei  Sun  China 23/2/2021
Nursing & Health Sciences Science of The Total Environment A natural experiment reveals impacts of built environment on suicide rate: Developing an environmental theory of suicide Yiyang  Yang  Hong Kong 10/2/2021
Nursing & Health Sciences Building and Environment Insufficient ventilation led to a probable long-range airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 on two buses Yuguo  Li  Hong Kong 2/10/2021
Nursing & Health Sciences Environmental Science & Technology Modeling and Experimental Validation of Microbial Transfer via Surface Touch Pengcheng  Zhao  Hong Kong 30/12/2020
Nursing & Health Sciences Diabetologia Habitual exercise is associated with reduced risk of diabetes regardless of air pollution: a longitudinal cohort study Xiang Qian  Lao  Hong Kong 4/3/2021
Nursing & Health Sciences Building and Environment Lack of cross-transmission of SARS-CoV-2 between passenger's cabins on the Diamond Princess cruise ship Yuguo  Li  Hong Kong 15/4/2021
Humanities Citizenship Teaching & Learning Hong Kong under COVID-19: Active self-mobilization, freedom and responsibilities, and learnings Eric  Chong  Hong Kong 1/6/2021
Humanities Visions of Sustainability for Arts Education Arts and Culture Without Policy: Spontaneous Initiatives by Non-governmental and Civil Society Groups in Hong Kong Lee  Cheng  Hong Kong 1/1/2022
Humanities Assessing Writing Exploiting the potential of peer feedback: The combined use of face-to-face feedback and e-feedback in doctoral writing groups Fangtong  Liu  China 2/9/2020
Humanities Journal of Sustainable Tourism The influence of culture on the sustainable livelihoods of households in rural tourism destinations Rong Wang China 16/11/2020
Humanities European Journal for Sport and Society Defending local culture through the global game in Southern China: Guangzhou Football Club fan culture Chun Wing  Lee  Hong Kong 5/2/2021
Humanities Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Residential and industrial enclaves and labor market outcomes among migrant workers in Shenzhen, China Zhouni  Zhang  Hong Kong 15/1/2021
Engineering, Architecture & Design Transportation Research Part B: Methodological A Continuum model for pedestrian flow with explicit consideration of crowd force and panic effects SC  Wong  Hong Kong 24/5/2021