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Publication Successes

Browse and use the filters below to see a sample of the journal paper publication successes in which we are happy to have contributed.

Subject Area Journal Published Paper Author From Publication Date
Business Administration & Economics International Journal of Hospitality Management The nonlinear effect of service robot anthropomorphism on customers’ usage intention: A privacy calculus perspective Shaohui Lei Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) 17/8/2022
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology Timing and congruence effects of corporate social responsibility practices on social media crises in the tourism industry Edmund Wut/Tai Ming Wut College of Professional and Continuing Education 22/12/2022
Business Administration & Economics International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management From shared leadership to proactive customer service performance: A multilevel investigation Yijiao Ye Shenzhen University 6/6/2022
Business Administration & Economics International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management How do consumers engage with proactive service robots? The roles of interaction orientation and corporate reputation Dongmei Li South China Normal University 6/6/2022
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Vacation Marketing Effective airbnb advertising during COVID-19 pandemic: Message format and hypothetical distance Miju Choi Leeds Beckett University 15/7/2022
Business Administration & Economics The British Accounting Review Firstborn CEOs and credit ratings Albert Tsang Southern University of Science and Technology 2/8/2022
Business Administration & Economics Responsible Innovation Management Beyond a Curse or Blessing: The Effects of Team Diversity on Team Creativity and Innovation Jie Wang University of Nottingham Ningbo 15/9/2022
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Contemporary Marketing Science Reassessing research on marketing channel strategies in the internet era: Opportunities, challenges, and responses Hengyuan Zhang Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) 17/5/2022
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Business Ethics Rebellion Under Exploitation: How and When Exploitative Leadership Evokes Employees’ Workplace Deviance Michael Kwan Ho Kwong China Europe International Business School 8/8/2022
Business Administration & Economics Economic and Industrial Democracy Why and when job insecurity hinders employees’ taking charge behavior: The role of flexibility and work-based self-esteem Michael Kwan Ho Kwong China Europe International Business School 19/6/2022
Sciences, Social Geoforum Opposing otherness in motion: Mobile activism as transient heterotopia of resistance in Hong Kong’s networked mall protests Tin-yuet Ting Hong Kong 19/8/2022
Sciences, Social The British Journal of Sociology In sight, in mind: Spatial proximity to protest sites and changes in peoples' political attitudes Duoduo Xu Hong Kong 1/11/2023
Sciences, Social The International Journal of Press/Politics Diffusion-Proofing Protest Paradigm: Mass Media and China's Prevention of Social Movement Spillover During the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement Vincent Huang China 9/1/2022
Sciences, Social The Journal of Development Studies A Multilateral Donation that Boomerangs Home: Analysing the Donor State Advantage in UN Procurement Xiangning Wu Macau 13/10/2022
Sciences, Social Current Issues in Tourism Digital natives: Internal defence mechanism to distrust tourism advertisements Miju Choi UK 7/8/2022
Sciences, Physical Chemical Science Multiple Pickering emulsions stabilized by surface-segregated micelles with adaptive wettability To Ngai Hong Kong 30/8/2022
Sciences, Physical Angewandte Chemie A Mechanochemical, Catalyst-Free Cascade Synthesis of 1,3-Diols and 1,4-Iodoalcohols Using Styrenes and Hypervalent Iodine Reagents Ying Yeung Yeung Hong Kong 13/7/2022
Sciences, Physical ChemCatChem Cinchona Alkaloid-Derived Zwitterions Catalyzed Enantioselective Steglich Rearrangement and Aldol Reaction of O-Acylated Oxindoles Ying Yeung Yeung Hong Kong 17/2/2022
Sciences, Physical Applied Optics Three-dimensional point cloud denoising via a gravitational feature function Chunhao Shi China 2/10/2022
Sciences, Physical Optics Express Diffraction characteristics of a non-mechanical beam steering system with liquid crystal polarization gratings Zishuo Wang China 17/2/2022