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Publication Successes

Browse and use the filters below to see a sample of the journal paper publication successes in which we are happy to have contributed.

Subject Area Journal Published Paper Author From Publication Date
Life Science Frontiers in Microbiology Egg Protein Transferrin-Derived Peptides IRW and IQW Regulate Citrobacter rodentium-Induced, Inflammation-Related Microbial and Metabolomic Profiles Ms Sujuan Ding China 03/04/19
Engineering Mathematical Problems in Engineering How to Mitigate Theme Park Crowding? A Prospective Coordination Approach Dr Weimin Zheng China 15/04/18
Physical Science Atmospheric Environment Nitrous acid in a street canyon environment: Sources and contributions to local oxidation capacity Professor Tao Wang    Hong Kong 10/08/17
Life Science Frontiers in Microbiology CcpA-Dependent Carbon Catabolite Repression Regulates Fructooligosaccharides Metabolism in Lactobacillus plantarum Dr Chen Chen China 29/05/18
Medical Frontiers in Microbiology The Role of Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenases in NADPH Supply in the Oleaginous Filamentous Fungus Mortierella alpina Dr. Haiqin Chen China 28/4/2020
Psychology Computers in Human Behavior Investigating American and Chinese Subjects’ explicit and implicit perceptions of AI-Generated artistic work Dr Yi Mou China 04/11/19
Physical Science Atmospheric Environment The Significance of Incorporating Unidentified Vessels Into AIS-based Ship Emission Inventory Dr Jimmy Fung Hong Kong 06/02/19
Business Emerging Markets Finance and Trade Global Oil Shocks and China’s Commodity Markets: The Role of OVX Ms Fangfei Zhu China 19/09/19
Physical Science Transportmetrica A: Transport Science Bootstrap standard error estimations of nonlinear transport models based on linearly projected data Professor S.C. Wong Hong Kong 12/09/18
Social Science Computers in Human Behavior Could social media help in newcomers' socialization? The moderating effect of newcomers’ utilitarian motivation Dr. Di Cai China 24/1/2020
Life Science BioMed Research International Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor Is Involved in Apoptosis in Rat Astrocytes Exposed to Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation Dr Liang Huo China 27/02/19
Business Emerging Markets Finance and Trade Legal System and Trade Credit: Evidence from Emerging Economies Dr Yunong Li China 22/06/18
Medical BioMed Research International Reliability of the Maximal Step Length Test and Its Correlation with Motor Function in Chronic Stroke Survivors Dr Shamay Ng Hong Kong 20/12/18
Business Economic Modelling Does measurement error matter in volatility forecasting? Empirical evidence from the Chinese stock market Dr Zhuo Huang China 22/07/19
Life Science Emerging Markets Finance and Trade Downside Risk in the Oil Market: Does It Affect Stock Returns in China? Mrs. Xuan Mo China 11/8/2020
Life Science BioMed Research International MicroRNA-15a-5p Regulates the Development of Osteoarthritis by Targeting PTHrP in Chondrocytes Mr Zhixi Duan China 05/03/19
Physical Science Atmospheric Environment Emissions of fine particulate nitrated phenols from residential coal combustion in China Dr Xinfeng Wang    China 31/01/19
Life Science Frontiers in Microbiology Comprehensive Evaluation of the MBT STAR-BL Module for Simultaneous Bacterial Identification and β-Lactamase-Mediated Resistance Detection in Gram-Negative Rods from Cultured Isolates and Positive Blood Cultures Dr Gilman Siu Hong Kong 23/02/18
Life Science BioMed Research International Splenectomy Promotes Macrophage Polarization in a Mouse Model of Concanavalin A- (ConA-) Induced Liver Fibrosis Dr Lu Zhou China 06/01/19
Medical BioMed Research International Responsiveness and Predictive Ability of the Chinese Version of the Action Research Arm Test in People with Cerebral Infarction Ms. Jiang Li Zhao China 7/10/2019