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Publication Successes

Browse and use the filters below to see a sample of the journal paper publication successes in which we are happy to have contributed.

Subject Area Journal Published Paper Author From Publication Date
Education Thinking Skills and Creativity How should undergraduate students perceive knowledge as a product of human creation? Insights from a study on epistemic beliefs, intellectual risk-taking, and creativity Zhihong  Wan  Hong Kong 12/1/2021
Education International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism A reconceptualisation of native speakerism: ethnic return migrants and LOTE learning in South Korea Mun Woo  Lee  Korea 13/4/2021
Education Children & Society Kindergarten Education Scheme in Hong Kong: Policy measures, rhizomatic connections and early childhood teacher education Gail  Yuen  Hong Kong 7/11/2020
Education British Journal of Educational Technology Self-directed reflective assessment for collective empowerment among pre-service teachers Yuqin  Yang  China 11/10/2020
Education Educational Technology Research and Development Exploring the use of technology among newly arrived children in Hong Kong: from an e-sports and cultural capital perspective Miaoting  Cheng  China 15/6/2022
Computing, Maths & Statistics IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems Multilabel Emotion Tagging for Domain-Specific Texts Samuel  Chan  Hong Kong 3/11/2021
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Cleaner Production Public versus private interest in social entrepreneurship: Can one serve two masters? Yanto  Chandra  Hong Kong 5/10/2020
Business Administration & Economics Academy of Management Proceedings Performance Effects of Trust-Dependence Congruence: The Mediating Role of Relational Behaviors Wei  Yang  China 1/8/2019
Business Administration & Economics Administrative Science Quarterly The Impact of Logic (In)Compatibility: Green Investing, State Policy, and Corporate Environmental Performance Shipeng  Yan  Hong Kong 23/6/2021
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Business Ethics Adversity Tries Friends: A Multilevel Analysis of Corporate Philanthropic Response to the Local Spread of COVID-19 in China Xin  Liu  China 17/2/2021
Business Administration & Economics Naval Research Logistics Subsidy design in a vessel speed reduction incentive program under government policies Shuaian  Wang  Hong Kong 19/9/2020
Business Administration & Economics Journal of International Marketing Leveraging Interfirm Relationships in China: Western Relational Governance or Guanxi? Domestic Versus Foreign Firms Zhaofang  Chu  China 20/10/2020
Business Administration & Economics Handbook of International Investment Law and Policy Protection of Cross-Border Data Flows Under International Investment Law Sheng  Zhang  China 17/8/2021
Business Administration & Economics Computers & Operations Research Three-echelon slot allocation for yield and utilisation management in ship liner operations Eugene  Wong  Hong Kong 28/7/2022
Business Administration & Economics Industrial Marketing Management The deterrence effect of Guanxi on opportunism: The moderating effects of “three institutional pillars” Chuang  Zhang  China 2/3/2021
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing The dilemma of relational embeddedness: mediating roles of influence strategies in managing marketing channel opportunism Yin  Zhou  China 6/11/2020
Business Administration & Economics International Journal of Production Research Financing capital-constrained third party logistic firms: fourth party logistic driven financing mode vs. private lending driven financing mode Yi  Zhang  China 24/5/2021
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Customers focus and impulse buying at night markets Annie Pei-I  Yu  Taiwan 24/12/2020
Business Administration & Economics Regional Studies Do airport activities affect regional economies? Regional analysis of New Zealand’s airport system Xiaowen  Fu  Hong Kong 23/12/2020
Business Administration & Economics Journal of Business Research Integrating the bright and dark sides of leadership: An investigation of the intragroup and intergroup effects of leader group prototypicality Yuanyi Chen Hong Kong 6/5/2021