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AsiaEdit Author Success Webinar 13 The Impact of AI on Academic Research and Publishing: Opportunities and Challenges

26 June 2023 | AsiaEdit

About the webinar

After planning your visuals and speech for your next international research conference, you’ll then have to professionally and effectively deliver your oral or poster presentation, live, to your peers. Achieving a successful and memorable performance will not only boost your confidence and reputation, but also potentially improve the quality of your contributions to your field and expand your research network. This webinar will focus on both what to say in your conference speech and how to say it, to help you optimise your presentation and keep your audience interested, engaged, and inspired.

This webinar covers:

1. Making a good first impression

2. Holding your audience’s attention

3. Tips for confident presenting

About the webinar

In the few months since the introduction of GPT-4, the world has found itself being reshaped by the capabilities of this advanced language model in unprecedented ways. The model has already been integrated into many facets of society, with considerable ramifications, and the world of scientific research and publishing is no exception. Where this will take us is still unknown, but there is no doubt that the effects will be far-reaching, posing both challenges and opportunities for researchers, universities, academic journal publishers, and also for us, as a company specialising in academic editing.

This webinar covers:

1. Present a brief overview of the current status of AI in relation to its use in scientific research and academic publishing, including concerns about ethics and data privacy

2. Share our experiences of testing AI language models for editing academic papers, including the benefits and pitfalls, so that you can better understand when and how you can safely use AI to your advantage

The second half of the webinar will consist of a panel discussion with members of our management team and experts from the academic community in Hong Kong, in which we will further explore the limitations and potential of current AI models, discuss the concerns over their use, and explore our predictions for their short- and long-term development.

About our Host:

Dr Rachel Baron

Head of Training and Development & Managing Editor, AsiaEdit

Dr Baron has a PhD in Psychology from Exeter University, where she later became a Lecturer on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology course.

She convened the Research Methods component of the course and provided research supervision to more than 10 doctoral students.


Dr Baron has published nine research papers in top academic journals and has collaborated on writing several research grant proposals. Over the past 13 years, she has edited thousands of academic papers, rising from editor to the Head of Training and Development and Managing Editor for Social Sciences at AsiaEdit. Her vast editing and training experience has helped numerous authors successfully publish their research.




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