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Our interview with Professor Timothy Teo, Associate Dean (Research), The Chinese University of Hong KongAsiaEdit et al. Episode 9

09 May 2024 | AsiaEdit


This interview with Professor Timothy Teo of The Chinese University of Hong Kong covers various topics, including his research interests, grant application advice for his fellow researchers (especially early career researchers), journal submission tips, and his experiences working abroad as an academic.


🎓 Research Interests

Professor Teo’s research spans educational technology, psychology, and quantitative methods. He’s currently involved in projects such as computer self-advocacy, language education, and the use of AI and robots in language learning.

💡 Grant Application Advice

He emphasizes knowing your audience, understanding your research area thoroughly, and mastering clear, concise writing tailored to non-specialists. Proficiency in English, especially for non-native speakers, is crucial for successful grant applications.

📝 Journal Submission Tips

Professor Teo advises formatting manuscripts according to the journal’s guidelines, ensuring clarity in titles and abstracts, and responding professionally to reviewer comments, even if they require extensive revisions.

🌍 Experiences Abroad

His experiences working in different countries have broadened his perspective, enhanced his cultural understanding, and enriched his academic career, emphasizing the importance of adapting to diverse environments.


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