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AsiaEdit Express WebinarMaximising Your Chances of Research Grant (CRF/FDS) Funding: Comprehensive Checklist and Actionable Tips

04 November 2023 | AsiaEdit

Use our insights – developed over a decade of editing research grant proposals from researchers at top Hong Kong universities – to ensure your application conveys both your proposed study itself and its short- and long-term impacts appropriately to the reviewers and decision-makers.

What you will learn from this webinar:

-Do’s and don’t’s of research grant proposal writing

-Actionable writing tips for maximising the impact of your proposal

-Advice specifically for Competitive Research Funding (CRF) Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector applicants, including Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) applicants

-General advice for those applying to other funding programs

While the insights and actionable tips shared by Dr. Baron will be tailored for Hong Kong’s CRF and FDS programs, those applying to other schemes can transfer the underlying proposal writing principles.

About our Host:

Dr Rachel Baron

Head of Training and Development & Managing Editor (Social Sciences), AsiaEdit

Dr Baron has a PhD in Psychology from Exeter University, where she later became a Lecturer on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology course.

She convened the Research Methods component of the course and provided research supervision to more than 10 doctoral students.

Dr Baron has published nine research papers in top academic journals and has collaborated on writing several research grant proposals. Over the past 13 years, she has edited thousands of academic papers, rising from editor to the Head of Training and Development and Managing Editor for Social Sciences at AsiaEdit. Her vast editing and training experience has helped numerous authors successfully publish their research.


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