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Publication Successes

Browse and use the filters below to see a sample of the journal paper publication successes in which we are happy to have contributed.

Subject Area Journal Published Paper Author From Publication Date
Sciences, Social Appetite Urban environment and dietary behaviours as perceived by residents living in socioeconomically diverse neighbourhoods: A qualitative study in a Mediterranean context Jesús  Rivera Navarro  Spain 9/10/2020
Sciences, Social Journal of Asian and African Studies Group-Based Income Inequality in Hong Kong: An Analysis of Mainland Chinese Immigrants Mathew Yee Hang  Wong  Hong Kong 12/9/2022
Sciences, Social Economic Change and Restructuring Are private property rights better? evidence from the marketization of land rentals in rural China Tongwei  Qiu  China 17/5/2021
Sciences, Social International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Investigating the motivations and constraints of Chinese peer-to-peer accommodation hosts ShiNa  Li  China 10/12/2020
Sciences, Social Journal of Social and Personal Relationships Perceived overparenting and developmental outcomes among Chinese adolescents: Do family structure and conflicts matter? Janet  Leung  Hong Kong 15/11/2020
Sciences, Social Journal of Contemporary Asia Pension Systems and Labour Resistance in Post-socialist China and Vietnam: A Welfare Regime Analysis Elaine  Hui  USA 14/2/2022
Sciences, Social The Pacific Review Propaganda beyond state borders: the deployment of symbolic resources to mobilize political support among the Chinese diaspora Xiaojun  Yan  Hong Kong 24/8/2021
Sciences, Social Asian Politics & Policy Party-led innovation of state-sponsored intermediary organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong of China: Effects and managerial strategies Wei  Li  Hong Kong 29/4/2022
Sciences, Social Journal of China Tourism Research Consumer behavior and mobile payment: An empirical study of the restaurant industry Catherine  Cheung  Hong Kong 26/8/2021
Sciences, Social Information, Communication & Society Contingent symbiosis: news start-ups and local cyberspace administration in contemporary China Vincent  Huang  China 18/7/2021
Sciences, Physical Journal of Visualization Flow structures of a precessing jet in an axisymmetric chamber Hao  Fu  China 9/2/2021
Sciences, Physical Journal of Materials Chemistry A MOF-derived vertically stacked Mn2O3@C flakes for fiber-shaped zinc-ion batteries Chenglong  Liu  China 27/10/2020
Sciences, Physical AIAA Journal Data-Driven Method for Flow Sensing of Aerodynamic Parameters Using Distributed Pressure Measurements Kaiwen  Zhou  China 28/4/2021
Sciences, Physical Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A A New Dynamic Recrystallization Kinetics Model of Cast-Homogenized Magnesium Alloys Jian  Zeng  China 9/11/2020
Sciences, Physical Journal of Membrane Science High-performance porous carbon-zeolite mixed-matrix membranes for CO2/N2 separation Tae-Hyun  Bae  Korea 4/1/2021
Sciences, Physical Maritime Policy & Management Implications of Arctic shipping emissions for marine environment Qiang  Chen  China 25/10/2021
Sciences, Physical Environmental Science & Technology A Spatially Weighted Neural Network Based Water Quality Assessment Method for Large-Scale Coastal Areas Sensen  Wu  China 28/1/2021
Sciences, Medical Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy Association of Serum Uric Acid, Urea Nitrogen, and Urine Specific Gravity Levels at 16–18 Weeks of Gestation with the Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Zheqing  Zhang  China 31/10/2020
Sciences, Medical Cancer Imaging Imaging of head and neck mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma (MALToma) Ann  D King  Hong Kong 12/1/2021
Sciences, Medical BMC Endocrine Disorders Associations between thyroid function and gestational diabetes mellitus in Chinese pregnant women: a retrospective cohort study Gengdong  Chen  China 21/2/2022