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Physical Sciences WebinarJournal Selection – Where Can I Publish, And Where Should I Publish?

29 September 2021 | AsiaEdit

About the webinar

You’ve finished your paper – but where do you submit it to? The sheer number of journals to choose from can seem daunting.

In this webinar, we talk about how to identify journals which can best match your topic and  communicate your research to a wide audience.

The webinar is about 60 minutes long. The final 15 minutes will be set aside for live Q & A.

This webinar covers:

1. Where you can publish your paper

2. Tips for identify journals that best match your topic

3. How to choose journals that can communicate your research to the widest possible audience

About our Host:

Dr Leo Holroyd

Managing Editor, Physical Sciences

After completing his PhD in Chemistry from University of St Andrews, Leo continued to collaborate in computational chemistry research with his supervisor, which earned him several publications in Advances in Quantum Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics and other reputable journals.

He joined AsiaEdit in 2016 as a freelance and stepped up to the role of Managing Editor (Physical Sciences) in 2019.


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