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Life Sciences WebinarThe Title And Abstract – Your Research In Short-Story Format

07 July 2021 | AsiaEdit

About the webinar

In this webinar, Dr Jennifer Oliver talks about two important elements of your paper, the title and abstract, and discusses how to write these concisely and effectively to attract readers’ attention.

The webinar is about 45 minutes long. It follows an interactive Q & A format, with AsiaEdit COO, Mr Nick Case, acting as moderator and asking Jennifer questions pre-submitted by the audience.

About our Host:

Dr Jennifer Oliver

Managing Editor, Life Sciences

Jennifer completed a BS in Biochemistry with high honors from the University of Detroit Mercy.

She then worked as a research assistant in tumor immunology and clinical epidemiology laboratories for several years before undertaking doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, where her dissertation research focused on T cell development, function, and malignancy. After completing her PhD in Immunology and publishing several research articles as a first author or co-author, she began editing while pursuing postdoctoral research in tumor immunology and radiology, eventually taking on the title of Managing Editor, Life Sciences, at AsiaEdit.


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