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AsiaEdit Workshop For CityU Faculty Members On Writing GRF And ECS Applications

24 August 2021

AsiaEdit was invited by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, our long-term partner, to deliver an online workshop for their professors and researchers. The workshop, held on 19 August 2021, was aimed at writing successful General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) applications.

Our latest online workshop built on the success of face-to-face workshops we developed specifically for local universities. Over 30 faculty members joined the session, presented by our Chief Operating Officer, Mr Nick Case, to learn from our case studies on editing research proposals. The response to our workshop, which included a constructive and insightful Q&A session, was very positive.

Drawing on our extensive experience working with hundreds of Hong Kong researchers targeting the GRF and ECS every year, we used examples of poor and subsequently improved proposals to show the attendees how they can make their applications stand out. Nick also focused on the “Pathways to Impact” section, a relatively new section that is often the most problematic area for applicants.

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