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Journal Paper Writing Technique Infobite 4: Structuring A Paragraph

13 September 2019

A paper is made up of a number of paragraphs of varying length, and paragraph structure is a mini version of the whole paper.

In this video, we will go through some useful tips on structuring effective paragraphs when writing your academic paper.

Here is the example paragraph we refer to throughout this Infobite video. You may also download the pdf version of this example paragraph.

Unfortunately, significant problems and limitations exist in the current treatment of children with ADHD. Treatment with stimulants produces side effects, such as sleep problems and loss of appetite, and thus is not ideal or recommended for very young children (Corcoran, 2011; Faraone, Biederman, Morley, & Spencer, 2008). Although pharmacotherapy and behavioural management generally improve parent and teacher reports of children’s social skills, once treatments stop, so too do children’s improvements (MTA Cooperative Group, 2004). Moreover, when parents are stressed or dealing with their own mental health issues, they may not be able to properly implement the skills learned in behaviour training, resulting in more frustration and negative reinforcement of the parent–child conflict (Bögels, Hellemans, van Deursen, Römer, & van der Meulen, 2014). Therefore, it is imperative to investigate other psychosocial interventions that can improve the well-being of the entire family system.

About the Journal Paper Writing Technique Infobite Series

This series of short but informative videos is written by our Assistant Chief Editor, Dr Rachel Baron, based on her academic background and years of professional experience in helping non-native English-speaking researchers succeed in publishing. It consists of 20 individual video clips covering useful tips to improve the presentation and delivery of your journal paper. A new Infobite will be published around every 2-3 weeks across 2019.

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