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The Cost Estimator below generates estimate fees as a reference guideline only based on word count alone.


If your document is ready, please send it through our submission form and we will review it carefully and provide you with a fixed quote. Check out our fair pricing explanation below to understand how we quote on your paper.


Cost Estimator

  • Editing
  • Translation

Editing Type

Standard Editing

Standard Editing includes a first editor reading through the document twice, after which a senior editor carries out a final check.

Premium Editing

After Standard Editing you respond to any comments that the editor has inserted, and add any of your own to ensure your meaning has been clearly understood. A Senior Editor then works through your document a final time.

Editor Report

Editor Report

A report outlining the key grammatical and stylistic areas of your writing that would benefit from improvement in the future.


Pricing Editing
the Right Way.

At AsiaEdit, we treat editing as the customised and personal service that it is, and not an impersonal, one-size-fits-all solution.


Get Started

When you upload your document, one of our senior editors personally reads it to determine the extent of revisions necessary to bring it to our high-quality, publication-ready standards.

Based on this evaluation and the word count of the document, our customer service manager sends you an interactive quote that shows you the pricing with different delivery dates, add-ons, and discounts.

  • YouUpload the document

  • Senior Editorreviews the document

  • Service Managersends you the quote



Why is Customised
Pricing Better for You?

While the end goal of all authors is the same – to publish or otherwise put the document to its intended use – the amount of editing work required to reach that goal differs vastly.

  • Light Editing
  • Moderate Editing
  • Extensive Editing

Some documents only need a few finishing touches – a comma here,
and a word substitution there.

Light Editing

Other documents need moderate revisions:

And a few others require extensive editing:

Assuming all three documents above are of the same word count, the second and third examples require much more time to edit to publication quality than the first example.

This diversity in document quality makes paying a fixed per-word editing fee bad for you as an author. At a fixed per-word rate, one of the following is likely to be true:

• Unfair Pricing

You’re paying too much because your document requires minimal or moderate editing.

• Questionable Quality

You’re paying too little for a document that requires heavy editing, meaning that editors who work on a fixed fee are incentivised to hurry through your document to maintain their hourly fees.


Loyalty Schemes & Discounts

  • Loyalty Coupons

    Upon invoice payment, you will be issued a loyalty coupon (worth 5% of the paid invoice), valid for 3 months against future invoices.

  • Word Volume Discounts

    We offer discounts for documents whose word count (editable) exceeds 30,000, as follows.

    30,001 – 60,000 words: 5% off

    60,001 – 100,000 words: 10% off

    100,001 or more words: 15% off

  • Referral Coupons

    We place great value on your recognition of our service quality. Hence, we are very pleased to offer existing clients that recommend our service a US$25 credit towards your next job with us. You can amass as many referral credits as you like and use either as a lump sum or individually.

    And of course, your colleagues, friends or students are entitled to a special US$25 discount off their first invoice with us.

  • Post-grad Theses & Dissertations

    Part-time students* submitting their theses or dissertations for editing are entitled to the following discounts, depending on the word count:

    10,001 – 30,000 words: 5% off

    30,001 – 60,000 words: 10% off

    60,001 – 100,000 words: 15% off

    100,001 or more words: 20% off


    Full-time students* submitting their theses or dissertations for editing are entitled to the following discounts, depending on the word count:

    10,001 – 30,000 words: 10% off

    30,001 – 60,000 words: 15% off

    60,001 or more words: 20% off

    *We may require student identity proof to verify eligibility.

  • New Client Discount

    To help more researchers access our high-quality editing service, we are pleased to offer US$20 off new clients’ first orders.

Your Schedule, Our Prime Concern AsiaEdit takes a personalised approach to editing.

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