Rewriting Business Papers into Newspaper-style Articles for HKU Business School

02 March 2022

In 2020, AsiaEdit was approached by HKU Business School to help summaris and rewrite business research papers, published by their faculty, into newspaper-style language for lay readers. The aim is to establish positive interaction with the business community, and society at large, through effective knowledge dissemination and thought-leadership.

We are given 6 journal publications to work on each month, with a total of around 60 expected. Our writers need to fully understand the papers, summarise the key concepts, and rewrite them into the required style within a tight schedule. Almost all of our submissions have been approved by the original authors without further editing, although our project proposal allows for an additional round of editing should it be requested. This indicates that the School and faculty are more than satisfied with the quality of our writing.

Impressed with our work, the School asked AsiaEdit to participate in their School Magazine project in March 2021.

Examples of business research papers rewritten by our staff can be found here:

Going against the Flow: Bodily Sensation and Consumer Choice

Good and Bad Trades: An Optimal Strategy for Currency Trading

Adjusting to and Learning from Institutional Diversity: Toward a Capability–Building Perspective


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