Writing Professor Biographies & Video Scripts for HKU

03 March 2022

In 2019, AsiaEdit was given the delicate task of writing biographies and corresponding video scripts for nine eminent scholars about to take on Named Professorships at a Hong Kong university. These Professorships are the leading way in which the university retains its topmost talent, and among other things they provide funding for continued advanced research in the recipients’ chosen fields.

We carefully ensured that all information received from the university could be used to adequately describe the careers of highly accomplished academics, and produced a writing style that well suited the formal presentation of their Professorships. The 6-week project involved numerous rounds of feedback from the recipients and university’s administrative staff, all edited promptly with our usual attention to detail.

The university was so impressed with our work that we’re currently undertaking the project again for this year’s recipients.


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