MTR Corporate’s ERM Newsletters

03 March 2022

We had for some years been providing different types of language support services including copy-editing, copywriting and translation for Ngong Ping 360, which is a subsidiary of the MTR Corporation. In February 2020, the Enterprise Risk section of the MTR Corporation was looking for a language support partner with trusted quality, to work on some of their on-going enterprise risk management projects. They approached AsiaEdit with the task of translating their English ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) newsletter into Chinese for better communication with their target audiences.

Relying on our extensive experience of working on different types of corporate communication documents, our translator was able to deliver the message in the right tone while maintaining the accuracy of the content. The client was so impressed with our work that we were given the opportunity to work on the succeeding newsletter issues. Furthermore, they recommended our services to their colleagues in other departments, who commissioned us to work on translating their promotional materials.


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