Alumni Linkage Interviews, The Open University of Hong Kong

03 March 2022

The Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit at the Open University of Hong Kong first contacted AsiaEdit in December 2019 with the task of translating their Chinese language alumni interviews into English in order to strengthen ties and enhance interaction among their alumni.

The interviews were first translated into English by our translator, and then the English copies were polished by one of our experienced native English editors to ensure they all aligned with the university’s style guideline for promotional publications. AsiaEdit developed a very good working relationship with the Office and we worked on more alumni interviews for translation in the following months and in 2021.

Here are some examples of our translated interviews:

Renowned critic explores the finesse of wine – Sammy Leung

Painter-turned-financial head – Leo Cheng

Young engineer seizes innotech opportunities with clear goals – Jonathan Chiu


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