What happens during the application process?


1. First, you’ll need to register in our system.


2. Once registered, you will take a 30-minute multiple choice test to check your English language skills.


3. If you pass the first test, you will be invited to edit a short sample from a paper in your field of expertise. You will also need to upload your CV at this stage.


4. Your editing sample will be assessed by a Managing Editor and/or Chief Editor and you will receive an email (usually within 2 weeks) notifying you of the outcome.


Please note that our selection process is rigorous, and as we receive a large number of applications we cannot provide feedback for unsuccessful candidates.

What happens once you’ve been accepted?


1. You will receive further information about working for us and the procedures you need to follow.


2. You will then complete our onboard training modules (approximately 1.5 – 2 hours) to ensure you are fully prepared to start editing for us.


3. Within a week or two, you should receive your first editing job.


4. The amount of work you receive will vary depending on your availability, the volume of work we receive in your field and the quality of your editing. Although we do our best to keep all of our editors busy, it is unlikely that we will supply you with full-time work, especially while you are a new editor.


5. We constantly review editors’ work and good editors are rewarded and promoted accordingly. We occasionally offer contracted positions to outstanding editors looking for more consistent employment.