At the request of many clients, we are pleased and proud to announce our new video series on journal paper writing techniques. These short but informative videos are dedicted to strengthing your writing techniques and improving your chances of publication success.

Visit our LinkedIn page to watch the first video in the series, “Abstracts – the Essentials”.

We will be publishing a new video, or “Infobite”, around every 2-3 weeks across 2019. Here’s the full list of sessions:

  1.  Abstracts: the essentials
  2.  The introduction: structure and flow
  3.  The introduction: style and tense
  4.  Structured abstracts: the details
  5.  Unstructured abstracts: the details
  6.  Structuring a paragraph
  7.  Steps in writing a literature review
  8.  Defining the purpose and rationale of your study
  9.  Writing a clear research question and hypothesis
  10.  Quantitative methods: the basics
  11.  Quantitative methods: the details
  12.  Qualitative methods: the basics
  13.  Qualitative methods: the details
  14.  Reporting quantitative results
  15.  Reporting qualitative results
  16.  Presenting tables and figures
  17.  The discussion: structure and flow
  18.  The discussion: style and tense
  19.  The conclusion: making an impact
  20.  Reference lists: the basics


Please do follow our LinkedIn page so you have the rest of the series in your feed and share with your colleagues and students who may be interested.

We hope you will enjoy the videos!


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