Asia’s leading academic editing partner

We are Asia’s leading academic editing partner

Established for over 25 years and headquartered in Hong Kong, we have strong connections with academics and renowned faculty in the region built on their confidence in the quality of our work. Our editors are all well-versed in and understand the needs of non-native English authors in Asia.

We value the opportunity of working with our Asian partners and offer the convenience of payment in arrears for institutional staff.

Why choose AsiaEdit?

A Team Trained for your Needs
A team of native English editors is fundamental in our industry nowadays. Through regular training, our editors are well prepared to better understand the English academic writing challenges faced by non-native authors in Asia, so as to provide the most appropriate revisions and advice in our editing.

Quoting by Needs, not Numbers
Unlike most editing services, our service quote is not based purely on an arbitrary word count, but a thorough assessment of your document’s writing quality. This allows us to accurately estimate the level of editing and number of hours required to perfect your writing, regardless of its word count, to give the fairest possible price.

Traditional but Effective Paper Matching
Our manual assessment of your document prior to quoting allows us to understand your writing well enough for a more effective pairing of your paper with editors with the most appropriate academic background and experience. We believe it still has an advantage over any AI-driven paper allocation mechanism.

Your Schedule, our Prime Concern
We understand that you have teaching and many other administrative duties that compete with your publication ambitions. Hence, we offer several return schedule options, often starting from overnight. We also commence editing for any full-time faculty who provide us with complete and verifiable contact details immediately after our quote is accepted, without the necessity of advance payment, to save time in tight schedules.

How We Work

AsiaEdit takes a personalised approach to editing.

We ensure that our services match what you and your writing need.

1. Request
a Quote
2. Choose
3. Editing
4. Make a
1. Request a Quote
  • Submit your document to or use the Get a Free Quote form.
  • We assess each document for length and quality. You pay for the work we do rather than according to pre-set word count or page ranges.
  • We quote and accept payment in HK$, CN¥, SG$, NT$, ₩, US$ and €.
2. Choose Service
  • We email a link to your quote offering a range of returns, including overnight express for the average length paper, and optional value-added services.
  • You check the cost of the options before confirming the quote.
  • We return your work by 10 am on the return date you chose.
3. Editing Process
  • We match your document to a subject specialist who can add the most value to the way you communicate your research.
  • Once the specialist has finished, a language expert improves the style and flow, ensuring the best possible quality.
  • We track all changes in Word, allowing you to accept them individually, by section or throughout the whole document.
4. Make a Payment
  • Full-time faculty can pay in arrears or through finance offices.
  • You can pay into our bank accounts or online using credit card, PayPal or Alipay.
  • Unused funding? We can issue advance invoices and keep the sums as credit for future editing.

Our Accreditations

The AsiaEdit team are proud to be members of the following industry and professional organisations, which ensures that we maintain and improve our skills, swap ideas with our industry peers and keep abreast of new standards, issues, and technologies.

Our Confidentiality Promise

AsiaEdit guarantees the absolute confidentiality of your documents to protect your intellectual property, copyright and privacy. This same policy guarantees that your personal and payment details will remain 100% safe and confidential.

We can supply a confidentiality agreement if requested, and we are happy to sign your own documentation to provide peace of mind.

Meet Our Team

Mike Poole

Chief Editor

Tracy Wong

Office Manager

Nick Case

Founder & Chief Operations Officer


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