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After spending months writing a research paper, it is natural to want to send it off as soon as possible. However, the last thing you want is for it to be immediately rejected by the journal editor, so it’s worth spending an extra couple of hours making sure you’ve done everything you can to ensure your paper reaches the actual review stage. In this webinar, we’ll discuss issues such as how to write a good cover letter, what to look out for in journal instructions for authors, and simple but important checks you can perform on the paper to ensure it’s ready for review.

Date and time: Wednesday 26th May 2021, 7:00p.m. Hong Kong/Beijing time.

Duration and structure: 45 minutes. The webinar will follow an interactive Q & A format, with AsiaEdit COO, Mr Nick Case, acting as moderator and asking Dr Baron questions pre-submitted by the audience. The final 10 minutes will be set aside for live Q & A.

Who should attend: Early to mid-career academics and post-graduate students from the social sciences

Speaker: Dr Rachel Baron, Co-Chief Editor & Managing Editor (Social Science), AsiaEdit

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About Dr Rachel Baron

Rachel studied at Exeter University in the UK, where she achieved a first-class honours degree in Psychology, an MSc in Psychological Research Methods and a PhD.

After spending a few years as a post-doctoral researcher and then lecturing in psychology, she joined AsiaEdit in 2010 and focused her career on academic editing. She took on the role of Assistant Chief Editor in 2018, and became co-Chief-Editor in 2020. Unable to leave academia behind completely, she also teaches Psychology at an English-speaking university in Italy, where she is now based.

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