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Using the correct verb tense in journal introduction

Using the correct verb tense in your journal paper can make your writing clearer, and more easily readable and understandable. However, it can be difficult to get right, even for native English speakers. The use of different verb tenses can even vary between academic disciplines! The 3 most frequently used tenses in academic writing Don’t


How to decide on using the passive or active voice in your introduction

Passive or active voice? Passive voice is often considered more complicated, objective and professional, especially among English learners in Asia. They usually feel that they are demonstrating their proficiency in English through mastering the passive voice. Even school teachers love to encourage students to use more passive voice by awarding it higher marks. However, when


3 fundamental principles of writing an effective introduction to your journal article

In our last blog, we looked at how to use IMRAD to write your journal paper abstract. We will now focus on how to compile an effective introduction. First of all, you need to understand the aim and purpose of the introduction in journal paper writing. A good Introduction should identify your research topic, provide


Using IMRAD to write your journal paper abstract

Why are abstracts so important in academic writing? How do you identify interesting articles? You probably skim abstracts and only read full articles if the abstracts are interesting, well-written and relevant, right? An effective abstract is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grab readers’ attention, so it should provide all the


Journal paper writing technique infobite 3: The introduction – tenses and style

We have gone through how to enhance the structure and flow of your journal paper Introduction in Infobite 2. In this video, we will look at style and verb tenses issues when writing your Introduction.   You may also download the concise note for this Infobite. About the Journal Paper Writing Technique Infobite Series This



Second Academic Writing Workshop for HKUST Research Support Services

On 30th April 2019 we were honoured to be invited for the second time this year by the Research Support Services at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to deliver an academic writing workshop for their post-graduate students and early career academics. Over 90 brilliant young researchers filled the University’s library seminar